Special Feature


RETROTECH | Computer Chronicles: Virtual Reality (1992)

Virtual reality started out as a science fiction concept in the early 1950s. Now, VR has become a kind of holy grail – lots of promises and claims, few results delivered. This program looks at the state of virtual reality. Demonstrations include the Talking Glove, AutoDesk’s Cyberspace project, the Virtual Hand, GestureGlove, CyberGlove, CyberCAD, Virtus […]


TECH SPACE | The next big thing: chief data officer

To make sense of an explosion of data from internal and external sources, large-scale companies are employing the services of a chief data officer (CDO) who’s officially treated in pay, perks, and responsibilities as part of the top-level corporate inner circle.

LET’S TALK #SOCIAL | How to safeguard your online reputation

FUTURE SHOCK | Beware of illiterates online… they’re all over the place

TECH SPACE | Coming up next: 5G mobile technology


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