Thursday, 12 Dec 2019

MED-TECH | Israel launches cells, organs 3D bio-printing center


JERUSALEM — The Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) launched Wednesday an advanced center for three-dimensional (3D) printing of cells, tissues and organs.

The center was established in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion, located in northern Israel.

The field of tissue engineering has undergone tremendous development in recent decades, and the Technion has taken a significant part in this revolution.

Thus, Technion researchers developed complex and precise artificial tissues that significantly improve the absorption process in the target organ.

This involves, among other things, the creation of tissue containing a developed system of blood vessels that quickly connect to the patient’s vessels.

The new center features an innovative printer that prints 3D scaffolds and the cells that grow into tissue.

The printer translates the information obtained from the patient’s CT scans into 3D tissue adjusted to the injury area.

The printer is relevant to all fields of regenerative medicine and enables the printing of various tissues. It has several heads, which enable the creation of printed tissue composed of different materials.

It is also equipped with precise motors moving at variable speed and accuracy of 0.001 millimeters, and a built-in camera that improves the accuracy of the print needle.

The system is suitable for a wide range of raw materials such as hydrogels, thermoplastics and ointments, with precise temperature and radiation control. The printing can be performed directly into a petri dish.

by Xinhua News Agency
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