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TELECOM | IoT-ready parking app wins Smart SWEEP Awards

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Smart Communications celebrated the #FutureReady 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions of young innovators from various universities and colleges nationwide in its 15th SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards.

“So from cellular IoT and 5G to connected vehicles and industry, it is all happening now,” said Jeffrey Joven, Ericsson account director and SWEEP15 judge, as he stressed the importance of being future-ready. “But to realize the full potential of these opportunities, we need intelligent tools that make it easy to connect and deploy devices across global ecosystems. This is what today’s SWEEP challenge is all about: what tools do the young leaders of this country imagine, what kind of future do you envision, and what it becomes to connectivity.”

CarSpace of the University of San Jose – Recoletos clinched the top spot. The winning mobile app is a parking solution featuring the use of Internet of Things (IoT). CarSpace aims to help drivers locate vacant parking slots and remotely monitor their vehicles, while lot or garage owners can also use the app as a potential income-generating tool.

Coming in at second place is Lynia, a terminal queueing system created and designed by students from the Asia Pacific College. This solution includes the usage of contactless smart cards and card reader devices. Lynia, disrupting the traditional queuing, hopes to ease the commuter experience through providing real-time queue information and estimated time of arrival public utility vehicles at the terminal.

On the other hand, BeeNotified bagged the third spot in the tourney. Prided by the Technological University of the Philippines, Manila, it is a cost-efficient automated monitoring system for apiary or beekeeping. Enabled by Raspberry Pi and an IoT application, BeeNotified intends to mitigate problems in beekeeping and minimize the disturbance of the colony.

Over 160 entries from collegiate innovators vied in the 15th SWEEP Awards anchored on “#FutureReady: Creative Innovations Beyond Imagination.” The top 10 finalists were selected after the three-day boot camp last March.

Finalists took home P50,000 cash prize each. The third and second placers earned cash prizes of P100,000 and 200,000 respectively, while the first placer got P300,000 cash and a chance to send a representative for Huawei’s Seeds for the Future program in China.

For 15 years, Smart has partnered with SWEEP schools to help produce more future-ready students by leveraging on its network, infrastructure, and technologies.

— Pauline General

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