Friday, 29 May 2020

AUTOMOTIVE | Are you ready for the Philippines’ first 4×4 expo?

As a final nod before the holidays officially kick in, Black Rhino Wheels and Nitto Tires will be opening the first-ever “4×4 EXPO” in the Philippines. The event is set to be the largest gathering of 4×4 vehicles, bringing together overlanding enthusiasts to promote the outdoor lifestyle, as well as the passions for offroading rigs. The expo will be held on the weekend of September 28 and 29, 2019, at ArcoVia City in Pasig City.

The vision for the 4×4 EXPO is to be the venue for enthusiasts to gather as a community to enjoy the different aspects that go into the outdoor lifestyle. ArcoVia City will be providing over 18,000 square meters of property to accommodate a variety of activities. One of the highlights of the weekend will be a fully functional offroading track, where beginners (or even non-beginners) can learn the basics of safe driving over uneven terrain. The track would include makeshift sand dunes, dirt road, and even a water-wading moat.

Another activity that visitors can look forward to would be the participation of trusted automotive accessory brands that are preferred among offroad enthusiasts in upgrading their vehicles and making these geared up and ready for the drive. Apart from the main presentors, Black Rhino Wheels and Nitto Tires, brands that will be having display booths include Bilstein, PIAA, Motul, Decathlon, Atoy Customs, Overland Kings, CTEK, Coleman, among others. There will also be scheduled tech talks by some sponsors that will discuss how to make overlanding a safe hobby to have and how to get ready for the trails.

The gathering will be nothing without a showcase of impressive 4×4 rigs and vehicles by the industry’s enthusiasts. Visitors can expect a full variety that will highlight today’s offroad styling and upgrade techniques. Not only will there be individual displays, but also participation from some of the country’s biggest car clubs, such as the Land Rover Club, Jeep Club, Terra Nation, Jimny Club, Raptor Group, Montero Sport United, to name a few.

Another highlight will be the collaboration with the Pinoy Prepper Bazaar, and Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades (APVFBI) to share disaster preparedness and fire safety to everyone who will attend. The Pitmasters Club will also be smoking mouth watering meats all day at the Expo.

The 4×4 Expo is supported by notable car brands, like Chevrolet, GAC Motors, Isuzu, Jeep, Land Rover, Mitsubishi Motors, and Suzuki. These brands will be offering test drives of their latest 4×4 vehicle models that are slated for the offroad lifestyle and how these can be customized for the sport.

So to those who are interested to learn more about overlanding or even just to get a feel of what it takes to traverse the great outdoors, mark your calendars for the country’s biggest 4×4 get together. The 4×4 EXPO is happening this weekend and it’s set to bring a whole new perspective to local road travel. Admission is free.

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