Sunday, 27 Sep 2020

TELECOM | Today’s 4G problems will likely spill over to 5G

In its cybersecurity forecast for 2020, Palo Alto Networks reported that current 4G troubles are setting the scene for 5G.

There’s real danger that unless existing cybersecurity challenges are properly addressed and resolved, they will be amplified exponentially under 5G.

The next generation wireless technology, 5G, will inherit security features from the previous 4G and 3G and vulnerabilities in these older wireless generations are already showing up in current security tests with 5G.

Palo Alto Networks further stated that in 5G, the velocity and size of the attack will be greatly enhanced while the attack surface itself will also be greater.

In the event of a cyberattack on a 5G network, the first points of failure are predicted to be mobile ISPs and vulnerabilities such as unsecured IoT systems.

The global cybersecurity company foresees that hackers will continue to target 4G as a potential gateway to 5G networks which are expected be rolled out in the next five years.

Palo Alto Networks stresses the need for new cybersecurity approaches that include adopting a preventive strategy to network security, increasing of automation in the security infrastructure, integrating security functions in APIs and establishing contextual security outcomes.

by Tony Maghirang, contributing editor
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