CAR NEWS | Concept One Wheels brings Breyton to PH

Breyton provides the largest assortment of aftermarket wheel designs for all BMW cars and other European brands.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Breyton Wheels are now exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Concept One Wheels.

Founder and owner of Breyton Wheels, Engr. Edmund Breyton, will be in the Philippines to share the history and philosophy of his world renowned company known for tuning BMWs.

Breyton provides the largest assortment of aftermarket wheel designs for all BMW cars and other European brands.

Founded in 1986, BD Breyton Design GmbH has been striving to form the best driving experience for its customers, sharing a passion for high quality and outstanding design. The company emerged out of Edmund Breyton’s engineering office EBS which operated from Stockach, Germany since 1982.

Breyton designed early aero parts and wheels for AMG, Lorinser, AC Schnitzer and BMW’s M Performance division. Edmund Breyton was a computer tech engineer, rather than a race car driver, which is why Breyton utilizes CAD/CAM technology in their products.

Breyton has accumulated over 30 years of experience in wheel design and manufacturing. The use of high-quality aluminum results in a perfect synthesis between design and driving characteristics. Breyton’s forged wheels are among the lightest worldwide, yet passes all rigorous testing for TUV certification.

At Breyton, designers build on their creativity to come up with new designs that are both functional and aesthetically on the cutting edge.

“We give all our thoughts and all our devotion to our customers’ needs, who care about our products as much as we do. This results in increased safety, delicate design and minimal weight – the expectation of every Breyton product.” said Breyton.

“We are proud to bring Breyton’s latest wheels and designs to the Philippines to compliment our wide range of aftermarket wheels” said Sam Liuson, president of Concept One Wheels, the exclusive distributor of Breyton Wheels in the Philippines. “The entry of Breyton in the Philippines marks a new milestone in the tuning and aftermarket options for European car enthusiasts.”

Enthusiasts of BMW can meet and greet Breyton personally at the main showroom of Concept One Wheels on August 22 starting 3:00pm, in San Juan where Breyton Wheels are now available, along with the satellite branch in BGC.

Sam Liuson, president of Concept One Wheels, with Breyton Wheels on display.

For more info, visit Concept One Wheels at 318 Santolan Road, San Juan or visit You can also follow on social edia or contact 724-7176 / 0917-880-1111. editors

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