TELECOM | Mavenir wins awards at India Mobile Congress 2019


Mavenir awarded for enabling new business models with network splicing.

The industry’s only end-to-end cloud-native 4G and 5G network software provider for CSPs, Mavenir, was recognized for its continuous innovation with 2 awards at the India Mobile Congress, taking place in New Delhi.

As the industry’s only end-to-end Network Software Provider, Mavenir has always been leading the path to software, virtualization, moving to cloud-native solutions and consistently delivering innovative solutions.

“Mavenir is known for innovation,” said Sanjay Bakaya, regional leader for Mavenir, who received the awards. “We are bringing disruptive technologies that help reduce costs, generate new revenue and protect/secure those revenues.”

First, Mavenir won the Most Innovative Network Transformation Initiative award for its virtualized Pre-Integrated Network Services. Pre-Integrated Network Services is a bundle of carrier-grade software functions that allow operators to increase revenue by rapidly launching a separate network slice for a specific user community. Operators with existing networks can use it to launch new offerings without disturbing their current network.

Depending on the Operator use cases (e.g. Network Slicing, Private networks, IoT), Mavenir’s Pre-Integrated Network Services solution can include Open vRAN solutions, Packet Core and/or suite of IMS applications for rich communications. Other examples:

– Operators looking for a new economic model can use Mavenir’s Pre-Integrated Services to help reduce their costs and generate new revenues quickly and easily.
– Operators with existing networks can use Mavenir’s Pre-Integrated Services to launch new offerings without disturbing their current network to start generating new revenue quickly.
– Operators with a low subscriber base can use Mavenir’s Pre-Integrated Services to launch their offering with a small, low-cost footprint on commodity hardware.
– Mavenir’s Pre-Integrated Services can also be leveraged by Enterprises for Smart homes and Cities, Defense Networks for secure LTE networks on convoys, and Cruise liners for Private networks

Second, Mavenir won the Most Innovative Approach to Network Security award for its Security and Fraud Management Suite. This suite is a set of products sharing the same design and operational principles that address the main security and fraud challenges of a mobile operator, such as Signaling Security, Network Security Analytics, as well as major fraud and revenue assurance issues that can be addressed per specific fraud or revenue leakage scenarios or as a complete Fraud Management System (FMS). Using a unique combination of Real-Time Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) with flexible rule engine provides a significant advantage as it can detect and block security or fraud issues while happening, instead of passive reporting of a problem after some data processing. These prediction techniques enable operators to save significant revenues real time and improve their customer experience.

“With our complete virtualized end-to-end portfolio and experience with all the key network components, we are uniquely positioned to enable mobile operators to transform their networks,” said Bakaya.

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