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The innovative features of the next mobile network standard will revolutionize the way games will be seen and played.

Ultrafast 5G wireless network on display of speedometer. 3D illustration.

5G technology will be a super game changer.

The innovative features of the next mobile network standard after the current 4G will revolutionize the way games will be seen and played on your mobile, on your laptop or any other upcoming digital devices.

Think about it. 5G promises faster speeds, lower latency and higher reliability to leave both novice and hardcore players looking forward to the best gaming experience, as follows:
1. 5G will boost speeds of up to 10 Gbps, reputedly 10 times faster than what 4G LTE-A can deliver. Gamers can expect really fast downloads and online streaming.

2. With 5G’s low latency, response time will be as low as 50 milliseconds so there will be no appreciable lag between input and player reaction. The action is expected to be seamlessly smooth.

3. Enhanced reliability in 5G refers to steady dependable Internet connection even with large numbers of online players fighting it out at any given time in multiple locations around the world.

4. 5G will unlock the “reality” and take out the “virtual” in Virtual Reality. Gameplay becomes not merely life-like but as close as possible to real-world authenticity. The experience is expected to be totally immersive so as to create a whole new reality for the player outside of the physical surroundings. The key to a completely new experience is the seamless merger of 5G with edge computing.

5. Augmented reality will get real in 5G. The next generation telecom technology will make gaming devices like AR glasses more affordable and lower the cost of power-hungry batteries. That means, mobile gamers will get the immersive experience of the games they play while on the move. It derives from the convergence of real-life tools with the digital fantasy world.

6. With 5G, the merger of the real and the digital will lead to the new, even cutting-edge content. The massive capacity and improved latency in 5G demand a leapfrog beyond what the current generation of digital games has to offer in thrills and frills. A new era of games development will come into play to launch quality games that are as responsive and interactive in real time than ever before.

7. All of these future scenarios will come down to the fact that 5G-enabled gaming will also require new ways of collecting and analyzing vast amount of data so the most agile analytics systems have to be deployed. Simultaneously, rigorous, regularly updated virus protection applications have to be in place to ward off and prevent the ever-present dangers of online hacks and malicious attacks.

by Tony Maghirang, contributing editor
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