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With the Andes 5.3 release, Rubrik delivers up to 10X faster SQL Server backups for large enterprises and reduced cloud archiving costs by up to 95%.

Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management Company, announced updates to its cloud data management platform, offering global enterprises best-in-class data storage, protection, and orchestration. Details of Rubrik’s winter product release were shared today in a virtual event with top IT industry leaders, emphasizing the company’s focus on helping today’s businesses modernize and automate, extend to the cloud and mitigate risk around their soaring volumes of data.

“Rubrik is driving a revolution in modern data management,” said Dan Rogers, president at Rubrik. “With Andes 5.3, innovative companies can add automation to their data operations, protection across hybrid environments including all three major public cloud providers, and mitigate increasing data risks.”

Rubrik’s latest advancements come at a time when businesses are accelerating cloud adoption to better support distributed workforces and explosive data growth. In a recent report, global research and advisory firm Forrester predicted that, largely as a result of the pandemic, the global public cloud infrastructure will grow 35% in 2021. More than 59 zettabytes (ZB) of data will be created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world this year, according to a new update to the Global DataSphere from International Data Corporation (IDC). At the same time, global ransomware reports have increased by 715% YoY according to the BitDefender Mid-Year Threat Landscape Report, suggesting that bad actors are capitalizing on the pandemic and increase in remote work.

To thrive in this changing environment, enterprises need a data management solution that can seamlessly migrate and power on data in the cloud and protect against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. The Andes 5.3 release is designed to address the needs of customers by delivering more enterprise scale and performance, enhanced turnkey cloud migration, and expanded intelligent risk mitigation.

Sephora VP of IT Anil Gupta said, “Our infrastructure is essential to stay competitive, especially during these dynamic times. Rubrik technology grows with us–providing essential data protection and increasingly flexible and expandable data management as well.”

Performance at Enterprise Scale
Andes 5.3 offers improved performance benchmarks for large enterprise infrastructure and applications:

• 10x faster backups of SQL Server environments with hundreds of databases per host–supporting up to 10,000 SQL databases on a single Rubrik 4-node cluster;
• Oracle backup speed doubled to nearly one gigabyte per second;
• A new ‘Recovery Validation’ feature for Oracle in Andes 5.3 will enable validation and recovery tests that ensure an Oracle database is recoverable;
• New Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies can be applied to Rubrik Elastic App Service or managed volumes–enabling full backup automation; and
• NAS restore performance has improved 3x and NetApp scanning performance has doubled, allowing for 35 million files to be scanned in less than 15 minutes.

According to Mike Suter, Cloud Systems Architect for CBRE Group, “Rubrik CDM allows for easy protection and fast recovery back to previous snapshots. Polaris has taken this a step further by reducing costs and also natively handling replication and recovery for complete data protection and disaster recovery.”

Expanding to the Cloud
Rubrik has focused on cloud since its inception and, with Andes 5.3, expands orchestration and cost control across private and public cloud infrastructures and hybrid environments:

• Now supporting Google Cloud to include VMs and file sets as well as automated discovery and backup of SAP HANA on Google Cloud using Rubrik SLA-based policies;
• Comprehensive hybrid-cloud VMware protection across on-premises, AWS, Azure and Google, and now VMware Cloud on AWS;
• Fully cloud-native Polaris for Amazon RDS enabling unified protection of RDS across multiple AWS accounts and regions, and recovery to different AWS regions
• New protection of Oracle databases on AWS and Azure; and
• Improved Smart Tiering to archive data to cool storage when storage savings are greater than the compute costs of having to reconstruct the data for recovery.

Enterprise Risk Mitigation
Beyond immutable backups and faster recovery across hybrid environments, Rubrik offers products that work on top of its data protection platform Polaris to help customers to proactively mitigate data risk, even as threats accelerate.

To help enterprises better reduce risk of non-compliance and data breaches, Rubrik’s next release of Polaris Sonar product will offer visibility into high risk locations, including sensitive files open to everyone and those that contain data that has not been accessed for some time. Released in 2019, Sonar is designed to discover sensitive, personally-identifiable information (PII) hiding in an organization’s unstructured data. Over 600 customers are now using Polaris Radar and Sonar applications to mitigate data risk.

James Fleming, Director of ITS at leading biomedical research institute, Francis Crick Institute, said, “Sadly, during the pandemic, we’ve seen more attempts to plant ransomware, even as we contend with a huge increase in sensitive health information. In addition to essential protection against ransomware through Rubrik’s immutable backups, Sonar helps to find sensitive data that would be at risk of being exposed.”

A number of select customers and partners are currently using Andes 5.3 in beta, with general availability expected over the coming months through Rubrik’s expansive global partner network.

“Enterprises today are tasked with new challenges in managing their data, from an increase in business data to the proliferation of ransomware,” said Mike McLain, Architect, Data Protection at Insight. “I am excited about the enhancements Rubrik is making to its platform in Andes 5.3 that will make it easier than ever for our mutual customers to automate, protect, and modernize their data infrastructure.”

Daniel Jenkins, IT Network Engineer for Omnitracs said, “Rubrik truly is a set-it-and-forget solution that allows us to automate our complex workflows in our hybrid cloud environment. Coupled with automation and ease of use with public cloud, Rubrik has yielded 65% cost savings while freeing up time for innovation.”

Over 2,700 customers around the world trust Rubrik to protect, automate, and govern their applications at a massive scale in one seamless fabric from data centers to the cloud. Rubrik enables breakthrough simplicity, speed, and savings for the enterprise, and serves three of four Fortune 100 telecom companies, two of four Fortune 100 defense and aerospace companies, two of three Fortune 100 specialty retailers, and four of five Fortune 100 insurance companies.

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