TELECOM | PLDT garners top marks for ‘bold decision’ to build new transport network

PLDT made a bold decision to build a totally new transport network with the first phase already completed by February 2020, next to the legacy network.


PLDT was recently cited as having outstanding scores among global telco providers for its network design and rollout in the Key Architecture Index (KAI) 2.0 report featured during the recent Ultra Broadband Forum by the International Data Corporation (IDC) held in Dubai. The recognition underscores PLDT’s laser focus on elevating customer experience, which drives all network and technology initiatives across the company.

In its white paper report accessible via KAI 2.0 White Paper, global IT insights consulting firm IDC highlighted how it “applied the KAI model to evaluate the new transport network and legacy transport network architecture based on our understanding of PLDT’s network from the interviews. The results of the scoring are 95.4 and 42.3, respectively, which reflects the technology choices and the exquisite timing of implementation made by PLDT which positioned it for the perfect IP traffic storm as a result of the pandemic.”

The report noted how “PLDT made a bold decision to build a totally new transport network” with the first phase already completed by February 2020, next to the legacy network. PLDT opted for a total revamp instead of carrying out the typical piecemeal incremental upgrades. The timing was impeccable because the PLDT network was able to serve the massive increase in internet traffic driven by the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PLDT VP and Head of Technology Strategy and Transformation Office Arvin Siena welcomed IDC’s insights and recognition of PLDT’s achievement in its network transformation journey establishing the foundation for an ultra-broadband network ready for the future.

“We’re not stopping there as we’re further intensifying our efforts to increase our capacity, enhance our capability and widen our fiber footprint across the country. Our focus will continue to be unmatched customer experience and we will bring this to our customers through our network,” said Siena.

The IDC measures a five dimensional index evaluated across all layers among transport networks which are Congestion-free, Scalable, Simplified, Always On, and Intelligent. PLDT garnered perfect scores under the Always On and Scalable while having high scores in the other three indexes.

PLDT continues to deliver the most powerful and fastest fiber connectivity to consumers, homes, and businesses in the country enabling users quality digital experience. The PLDT Group further invests in its network and fiber infrastructure which is now at 524,000 kilometers, the largest among local providers.

The IDC is a premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets.


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