BUSINESS TECH | Enstack, DTI, Negosyo Centers, work together to empower MSMEs to go digital

Enstack supports DTI’s mission to boost digitization by providing technology, skills training, and counseling sessions to thousands of MSMEs in the country.

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Southeast Asia’s first SME Super app, Enstack announced that it will be working together with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Negosyo Centers to develop programs that will boost the digitization of MSMEs in the country. In the DTI Roadmap, e-commerce plays a major role in inducing faster Philippine GDP growth. In efforts to contribute to the agency’s target, Enstack will be providing MSMEs with free mentorship and digital skills training, including education on its SME Super app.

“We’ve seen the majority of small businesses have difficulty in today’s digital-first environment,” said Macy Castillo, co-founder and chief executive of Enstack. Many are hesitant to digitize due to the perceived cost of tools, lack of time to implement them, and insufficient knowledge. By merging DTI’s local expertise and Enstack’s digital tools, we hope to equip these MSMEs with all the free resources they need to grow sustainably.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly transformed the way Filipinos consume goods and services,” saidEmma C. Asusano, program manager of the DTI Negosyo Center-Program Management Unit. “With digital consumers on the rise, there is a must to equip local MSMEs with the right tools, resources, and knowledge that enable them to keep up. With free, easy-to-use technologies and application tools, we hope to empower current and aspiring business owners to digitize or start a digital-first business so they can thrive in today’s highly-changed environment and be globally competitive.”

Together with DTI through the Negosyo Centers, Enstack will be holding events on how to start, run and grow a business using the Enstack SME Super app. Despite starting strong, many small businesses struggle because of their inability to track expenses, manage inventory, and generate sustainable income. During these webinars, MSMEs will learn how day-to-day processes such as basic accounting, order and inventory management, and logistics can all be easily done on the Enstack SME Superapp.

Enstack will also host caravans with the DTI through the Negosyo Centers in different cities across the country. Current and future business owners will have personalized business counseling sessions with Enstack specialists and DTI business counselors where they can begin their digitization journey on the Enstack MSMEs Super app and receive guidance on the services and resources they need to run a successful digital business.


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