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SEAOIL’s sixth run of the Lifetime Free Gas promo boasted major and minor prizes.

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SEAOIL, one of the country’s leading fuel providers has just announced the grand winners of their sixth Lifetime Free Gas (LFG) promo. Luzon winner Patricia Mae Goyeneche, Visayas winner Oscar Alain Aguilar, and Mindanao winner Justine Michael Omega, who are regular SEAOIL customers, will mark their win of a lifetime supply of free fuel in various ways.

Luzon winner Goyeneche, 42, who hails from Pasig City, works as a Senior Relationship Manager at a local bank and has been gassing up at SEAOIL since her college days. With her husband’s encouragement, Goyeneche joined the LFG promo. With her winnings, she can significantly save up on her fuel expenses, especially with her son heading to college soon. Aside from saving for the future, she plans to use the free gas on family trips and give more to charities close to her heart.

“By winning a lifetime’s supply of free fuel, we now have better and more options with everything. You need gas every day, so kapag makakuha ka niyan ng lifetime, it creates a lot more room to explore or try out other things. The extra savings will also allow me to give more to charities and invest more for the future,” said Goyeneche.

Luzon grand winner Patricia Mae Goyeneche. Source: Seaoil

Visayas winner Aguilar, 47, hails from Consolacion, Cebu and owns a trucking company that offers transportation services to businesses, with a focus on moving essential goods. While he is a recent yet consistent SEAOIL customer, this is his first time joining the LFG promo. He roughly spends ₱6,000 on fuel each week for both his personal and business trips. By winning in the LFG promo, Aguilar will get to significantly save and put the extra money aside for future family trips and growing his business.

“Sobrang laking tulong ito sa goals namin. Parang meron akong impression na nanalo ako ng lotto. I’m very amazed and highly blessed na nanalo kami sa LFG promo ng SEAOIL. Sa panahon ngayon na sobrang mahal ng mga bilihin, malaking tulong ang lifetime free gas sa daily needs ng pamilya ko at sa pagpapalago din ng aming negosyo.” Aguilar shared.

Visayas Grand Winner Oscar Alain Aguilar with his family: Source: Seaoil

Mindanao winner, Omega, 26, is a technical draftsman who comes from Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Since getting his first car in 2021, he’s been a regular SEAOIL customer and PriceLOCQ user. With the volatile fuel prices, Omega enjoys the savings he gets from using PriceLOCQ, and also the convenience of redeeming fuel and tracking his fuel transactions. His winning the LFG promo is special because he found out that he won last February 14, which is not only Valentine’s Day to him. On top of winning, it was also his birthday, and his second month celebration of being married. With the free fuel, Omega looks forward to taking more road trips with his wife and saving up for his dream house and business.

“Malaking savings po ang pagkapanalo ko sa lifetime free gas promo. Hindi ko na iisipin ang fuel expenses ko dahil may allocated budget na ako. Pwede na ako makapag-ipon para sa pagpapatayo ng aming bahay at negosyo,” said Omega.

Mindanao Grand Winner Justine Michael Omega. Source: Seaoil

SEAOIL’s sixth run of the Lifetime Free Gas promo boasted major and minor prizes. There were exclusive prices in the PriceLOCQ mobile app for one-year, special draws for TNVS and delivery partners, minor prize draws, and over ₱3 million worth of instant prizes. Currently, SEAOIL’s Lifetime Free Gas promo has a total of 21 grand winners nationwide since it began in 2017.


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