TECH NEWS | ESET revolutionizes consumer cybersecurity in PH


Recognizing the evolving complexity of cyber threats, ESET, a pioneer in cybersecurity solutions, has significantly expanded its consumer offerings in the Philippines. This strategic move introduces a revamped ESET HOME platform and three distinct subscription tiers designed to cater to the digital security needs of diverse user demographics.

With a legacy stretching over three decades in cybersecurity, ESET’s latest initiative aims to streamline and enhance the way consumers protect their digital lives. The launch includes a broad array of new features such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and Browser Privacy & Security extensions, crafted to address the increasing sophistication of online threats that target personal data and financial security.

Introducing ESET HOME: A Comprehensive Security Management Platform

ESET’s upgraded platform, ESET HOME, serves as the cornerstone of their new consumer strategy. Available across all major operating systems—Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS—ESET HOME provides a comprehensive view of a user’s security landscape, including home networks and connected smart devices. This platform responds to a growing consumer demand for an intuitive, all-in-one solution that minimizes the complexity of managing multiple security products.

“Today’s digital landscape demands sophisticated defenses against a range of online threats, from phishing to advanced banking scams,” explained Parvinder Walia, ESET President for Asia Pacific and Japan. “With the new ESET HOME Security, we blend AI-driven technology with human insight and robust cloud protection to offer an unparalleled security suite that allows consumers to confidently engage in their digital activities.”

Empowering users

The detailed rollout of ESET’s subscription tiers—ESET HOME Security Essential, Premium, and Ultimate—reflects a tailored approach to cybersecurity. Each level is designed to meet specific user needs, from basic protection to advanced security measures, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all types of digital interactions.

  1. ESET HOME Security Essential: This entry-level tier offers enhanced endpoint security and real-time protection layers essential for defending against common cyber threats. Features like Safe Banking and Safe Browsing safeguard sensitive personal and financial information, while a Network Inspector tool provides insights into the security status of the user’s home network.
  2. ESET HOME Security Premium: Building on the Essential tier’s features, the Premium option introduces additional functionalities such as a Password Manager, which secures and manages user passwords and personal data. The Secure Data feature enhances privacy through powerful encryption for files and removable media, providing peace of mind against data theft.
  3. ESET HOME Security Ultimate: The most comprehensive subscription, the Ultimate tier, includes all the benefits of the Essential and Premium tiers, plus the addition of the new VPN feature. This top-tier service ensures that

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