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OPPO takes to a whole new level what it means to have the best of smartphones today.


Going beyond the usual. OPPO takes to a whole new level what it means to have the best of smartphones today with their complete understanding for the needs of a creative soul and the lifestyle that bolsters extraordinary everyday adventures.

Followed by the successful launch of the Reno series in Europe, that gained a remarkable reception about the superior smartphone technology; highlighting 10x hybrid zoom technology, 60x digital zoom, 5G connectivity, and Dolby Atmos-equipped speakers with 3D surround sound technology and audio zoom feature; OPPO is set to officially introduce the latest flagship Reno series in the Philippines this June.

The newest of the company’s smartphone DNA comes forth to hit the premium market on a new, exciting experience.

Break the monotony

With 10 years in the mobile technology industry and 5 years in the Philippines under its wing, OPPO has definitely come a long way since its humble beginning. According to the Canalys report in 2019, on the 4th quarter of 2018, OPPO cornered 24% of the Philippine market share; the sales of the F11 series topped the sales of F9 by 25% year on year.

The coming of Reno series in the Philippine market completes the gamut of the OPPO smartphone portfolio: the A series for the entry-level category; the F series for the mid-level category; the R series and Find X for the premium category; and now, the Reno series, the newest blood in the line, hitting the premium category latching on creativity and lifestyle– tapping individuals who are the trendsetters, tastemakers, and leaders of creativity with a passion for self-expression and imagining the unimaginable.

The release of Reno sets another mark for OPPO to leverage on the gradual penetration into the high-end market, following the footprints of the Find X and R17 Pro. OPPO believes that it is high time for the brand to introduce the new smartphone to break the monotony in the big league and spark a new definition of a top-quality smartphone, regardless of price.

Redefining creativity

OPPO gives a fresh, new take on creativity in technology by breaking the boundaries defined by the norms. Through the Reno series and its unique and intelligently crafted handset design, OPPO supports the trendsetters and tastemakers in making their mark in the artistically-inclined society.

To appreciate the art further, OPPO partnered with several artists around the world to creatively express how they see Reno through their own art; each artwork has shown the key features of Reno and how it impacted one’s creativity.

OPPO puts their best foot forward to bring all the goals and aspirations to life, while guaranteeing that all actions and creations are aligned with the company’s goal of increasing the brand’s consumer perception on market value and product quality. Thus, the Reno is the manifestation of OPPO’s new ways to express ingenuity on branding and product technology.

Style meets technology

These breakthroughs in technology is also a shift in their brand speak with the introduction of their new logo, featuring OPPO Sans– their new typeface that aims to communicate maximum clarity of expression and simplicity of form. It highlights simplicity, elegance, and creativity; all of which are values that align with their brand direction.

OPPO has released an introductory video about its new logo design graphically explaining the design philosophy and visual identity that portray the full shift to the premium image of the brand, the Oppolence, a 60-seconder video with a play of instruments, minimalist set design, different people with different lifestyles, and the neat illustration of the new OPPO letters in OPPO Sans typeface.

Through these groundbreaking developments, OPPO finds themselves in a position to assert their brand’s distinction and set in motion a shift in focus. This is why they have decided to launch the Reno, the brand’s new flagship smartphone that allows them to fulfill their objective of reaching even further into the premium market. Not only is the Reno distinct in the way that it is the brand’s most cutting-edge smartphone yet, but it is also expressive of the creative innovation that’s the new brand direction they’re looking to uphold.

Officially launching this June, the OPPO Reno aims to put its users at the forefront of creativity with the best and most advanced tool for artistic expression.

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