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Resource planning system that is comprehensive, fully customizable and scalable, developed and integrated with only the Philippine Government process in mind.

One of the country’s leading IT Solutions integrators, Radenta Technologies, has recently unveiled its Government Resource Integrated Planning System (GRIPS). It is a resource planning system that is comprehensive, fully customizable and scalable, developed and integrated with only the Philippine Government process in mind.

GRIPS integrates Budget, Procurement, Contract Management, Inventory and Fixed Assets, Accounting, HRIS and Payroll processes. Its goal is to unify data and make it available at a fingertip thus providing more responsive and reliable service to the Filipino people.

“We are proud to bring government processes to the next level of technology,” said Radenta president Randall Lozano. “What is good with GRIPS is that it can easily be adapted to any local and national government system.

Data from www.financesonline.com shows that a resource planning system like GRIPS can reduce operation cost by 11 per cent, standardize back office processes by 77 per cent and give real time visibility of data by 48 per cent. GRIPS which is a cloud-hosted ERP is cheaper than on-premise solutions by 30 per cent.

An ERP like GRIPS is normally applied on enterprise and commercial markets.

In a 2018 survey by Panorama Consulting Solutions on ‘Why Businesses Implement ERP,’ respondents cite the following reasons: to improve business 64 per cent, to reinforce company growth 57 per cent, to reduce working capital 57 per cent, to improve customer service 54 per cent and to simplify workload 49 per cent.

Radenta is pioneering a trend to take an ERP that has proven its effectiveness for the private sector and customize it for use by the government.

GRIPS will run on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This resource planning system is composed of 8 modules that can be deployed in cloud platform.

Each module is compliant to the following government regulations: Procurement Module, Republic Act 9184; Budget Module, DBM Budget and Management Reform; Fixed Assets and Inventory Module, Commission on Audit (COA) Circular No. 2015-007; Project Monitoring Module, COA’s Circular no. 2012-001 or the Revised Documentary Requirements for Common Government Transactions; Accounting and Finance Module, COA’s Circular no. 2015-007; The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Module, Civil Service Commission (CSC) RA 6713 or The Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees and its Implementing Rules and Regulation; and Payroll Module, CSC regulation.

Furthermore, the technology behind GRIPS supports the Philippine government’s Electronic Freedom of Information initiative.

“We believe that the government and consequently the Filipino people should benefit from what technology can offer,” said Lozano. “Radenta has the technology and the expertise to make this happen.”

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