GADGETS | OPPO to launch flagship 5G phone

The much-awaited global launch will be live streamed via OPPO’s YouTube channel.

Smartphone brand OPPO announced the launch of its all-around flagship Find X2 series. The much-awaited global launch will be live streamed via OPPO’s YouTube channel.

Exploration is at the heart of OPPO’s DNA, which is why the business is constantly innovating, exploring new possibilities and pushing boundaries to deliver the best experiences to its customers. This remains true, as OPPO looks to uncover the ultimate by creating a groundbreaking smartphone experience with the new OPPO Find X2 Series that allows users to go beyond boundaries and to reach their maximum potential.

Taking into consideration customer feedback on all its products, the brand has heavily invested in Research and Development to produce the new OPPO Find X2 series. This stays true to OPPO’s endless pursuit of a better smartphone, especially in the era of 5G.

In March this year, the OPPO Find X2 Pro will debut in the Philippines which would feature the most advanced screen OPPO has developed to date, with emphasis on resolution, screen refresh rate, color and high dynamic range. The Find X2 Pro would be equipped with a customized flagship image sensor and would feature OPPO’s most advanced photography technologies to date, delivering a premium image quality and focusing performance for users. Additionally, Find X2 Pro would also feature Qualcomm’s latest flagship chip Snapdragon 865, which brings users exceptional experience in every part.

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