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Whether in life or business, for personal or professional matters – you have to start your journey in the right direction in order to successfully achieve all your endeavors this 2022.

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As we enter 2022, Maxus Philippines started big with its Road to Great Deals, offering the biggest discounts yet. On board your own Maxus vehicle, you are sure to seamlessly carry out all your home and business plans for the year with less cost and less fuss.

Starting you off on the right foot with your ideal Maxus vehicle has been made so much easier, with these enticing cash discounts on the following models:

Source: Maxus

Maxus G50 MPV

• P50,000 discount on the G50 Premium AT (net SRP of P1,288,000)
• P103,000 discount on the G50 Elite AT (net SRP of P1,156,000)
• P103,000 discount on the G50 Pro AT (net SRP of P1,076,000)
• The G50 Comfort MT starts at P948,000

Source: Maxus

Maxus D60 SUV

• P80,000 discount on the D60 Elite AT (net SRP of P1,258,000)
• P104,000 discount on the D60 Pro AT (net SRP of P1,136,000)

Source: Maxus

Maxus D90 SUV

• P100,000 discount on the D90 Premium 4×4 (net SRP of P2,168,000)
• P100,000 discount on the D90 Premium 4×2 (net SRP of P1,818,000)

Source: Maxus

Maxus G10 Van

• P80,000 discount on the G10 Elite AT (net SRP of P1,710,000)
• P80,000 discount on the G10 Assist Package-Dealer Option (net SRP of P2,189,800)

Source: Maxus

Maxus V80 Van

• P30,000 discount on the V80 Transport MT 18 seater (net SRP of P1,258,000)
• P30,000 discount on the V80 Transport MT 15 seater (net SRP of P1,248,000)
• P140,000 discount on the V80 Comfort MT (net SRP of P1,430,000)
• P150,000 discount on the V80 Flex MT Cargo Van (net SRP of P1,040,000)

Source: Maxus

Maxus Philippines’ best-selling model, the T60 Pick-up is also available at the following prices:

• T60 Elite 4×4 AT at P1,328,000
• T60 Pro 4×2 At at P1,078,000
• T60 Pro 4×2 MT at P998,000

These price slashes immensely increase the opportunities for future Maxus owners, who will now have much easier access to multifunctional, versatile, yet durable vehicles for both their homes and businesses, and who can now plan even bigger for 2022, with a more dependable and powerful vehicle companion that will take them to loftier goals. These big discounts will also allow them the chance to set aside the saved cash for other important contingencies in their households.

With Maxus Philippines’ biggest discounts ever, now is the best time to purchase a durable and dependable vehicle with 126 years of British heritage, expertise, and experience. On top of this bevy of product and price advantages, Maxus also guarantees the Max quality, efficiency and convenience of its after sales products, services, and worry-free ownership. Plus, Maxus Philippines also offers a 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance (ERA). This remarkable after sales service by Maxus truly gives the value for money proposition that its hard working owners deserve, and gives just the right push to get them started towards truly more amazing things to come in 2022.

Contact your nearest dealership now to book a test drive of your ideal Maxus vehicle. Maxus Philippines guarantees the safety of your face-to-face interaction with its dealerships’ courteous, friendly and professional staff who are all fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and religiously adhere to stringent health protocols as recommended by the IATF, local governments, and national health authorities.


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