RETROTECH | Computer Chronicles: Gary Kildall Special (1995)


Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television technology series Computer Chronicles on a special topic about computer pioneer Gary Kildall in a 1988 episode.

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The Computer Chronicles

A profile on computer pioneer Gary Kildall and the important contributions he made to the PC industry including the true story on how IBM ended up using MS-DOS rather than CP/M. Kildall developed CP/M, the first personal computer operating system. He was also a co-host on the early Computer Chronicles series. Includes comments by Gordon Eubanks, Symantec; Tom Rolander, DRI; Tim Bajarin, Creative Strategies; Lee Lorenzen, DRI; Jacqui Morby, TA Associates; Alan Cooper, CP/M applications developer. Originally broadcast in 1995. Copyright 1995 Stewart Cheifet Productions.

Color: color
Identifier: GaryKild
Run time: 26:22:00
Sound: sound
Type: Moving Image

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