GADGETS | Changing it up with the SAMSUNG Galaxy J6


It’s easy to add entertaining variations to one’s schedule, whether stuck in traffic, on lunch break, or on a casual road trip.

It’s easy to add entertaining variations to one’s schedule, whether stuck in traffic, on lunch break, or on a casual road trip. Daily routines can be more interesting with these activities that can be easily fitted in one’s schedule.

Tune in to a show at random

Oftentimes, people gloss over the “Suggested” section on popular streaming channels. Take that leap of faith, pick anything from that list, and power through an episode or two. The 5.6” Super AMOLED Infinity Display of the Galaxy J6 will make sure that movies and shows become more alive and vivid.

Unleash your inner superstar

YouTube stores a host of vocal-free versions of today’s top tracks and classic throwback hits. Pump up the volume on a chosen track, and start singing! The Dolby Atmos feature of the Samsung Galaxy J6 creates a mood similar to a massive arena packed with a crowd of thousands!

Beat boredom with mobile with gaming

Games are a quick and easy solution when looking for something to do. From brainy word quizzes to multi-player role-playing tournaments, there are thousands of exciting games to explore. Go on a gaming binge without a worry– the Galaxy J6’s powerful 14nm Octacore Processor helps run many apps and games without compromising speed and performance.

Enhance any moment with the perfect song

Feeling senti while looking outside the car window? Stuck in traffic while it’s raining? These are the perfect elements for a music video. When these opportunities arise, plug in to a playlist that best fits the mood of the moment. Amplify the mood with clear acoustics from the Galaxy J6, powered by Dolby Atmos technology.

Broaden horizons by diving into a podcast series

Sharpen the mind with trivia, keep updated on a sports team’s performance, or induce belly-hurting laughter—there’s a lot that a good podcast can do. Choose from the expansive mix of options to find the one that fits the mood of the moment. Podcasts can last anything from a few minutes to an hour or so in length—no problem for the Galaxy J6. With its 14nm Octacore Processor, one is powered to keep going smoothly, no matter the podcast duration.

Find hidden treasures by incorporating new adventures for the journey home

Each place has something new waiting to be discovered, and sometimes gems are hiding in plain sight. Set a detour on the way home and discover new places to go to, like a cool coffee shop or a concept restaurant. Create visual diaries and take awesome selfies in these adventures with the Galaxy J6’s 8MP F1.9 front camera and 13MP F1.9 rear camera.

To complete a fun-filled day, take mobile entertainment to the next level with the SAMSUNG Galaxy J6. Offering immersive viewing experiences, crystal-clear sound, and powerful performance, the Galaxy J6 takes one on an exhilarating entertainment experience.

The Galaxy J6 is available in all Samsung authorized stores nationwide now at the retail price of Php 9,990. For more information, log on to, or visit editors

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