BANKING | HSBC launches Liquidity Management Portal


New digital platform makes it easier for clients to view and self-manage their liquidity.

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HONG KONG — HSBC Holdings Plc recently launched a Liquidity Management Portal to give corporate and financial institution clients a clearer picture of their cash position globally.

The banking portal, available in 54 countries globally with 18 of these in Asia-Pacific, would provide tools for HSBC clients to self-manage liquidity, enabling improved funding and investment decisions.

It’ll include a Liquidity Management Dashboard, which uses data visualisation to give Treasurers an accessible, real-time view of their cash and cash-equivalents, across multiple banks and products. At the click of a button, clients can drill-down from a consolidated view of their balances globally to an individual account, providing greater visibility and control of their short-term liquidity. Clients can view balances in a currency of their choice.

Having timely and accurate liquidity data at your fingertips is essential for any treasurer,” said Kee Joo Wong, HSBC regional head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, Asia Pacific.
“HSBC’s Liquidity Management Portal provides an intuitive view of key liquidity performance indicators and enables clients to make faster and more informed decisions to mobilize funds across the diverse regulatory landscape in Asia.”

The portal builds on HSBC’s market-leading liquidity management and deposit propositions, including HSBC Global Liquidity Solutions and HSBC Liquidity Investment Solutions. It adds self-service tools that enable clients to make changes to their liquidity structures or investments at their own convenience, to suit their dynamic business needs.

Based on live on-screen information, clients can make common changes to their liquidity structures, such as sweeping and inter-company lending arrangements. Decisions will be implemented immediately, increasing speed and efficiency, and reducing documentation while still providing a full audit trail.

Treasurers using HSBC Liquidity Investment Solutions will also be able to view and self-manage their investments in a range of short-term, triple-A rated money market funds.

Consolidated reporting provides clients with full visibility of investments, sweep parameters, Market Indices and Fund Trackers.

Clients can access the Liquidity Management Portal from within HSBCnet, HSBC’s global online banking platform, without additional sign on.

New features will be added to the Liquidity Management Portal in due course. A Cash Flow Forecasting platform will increase the accuracy, consistency and quality of cash forecasting processes. The portal will also provide access to on and off balance sheet investments, enabling client to execute active investments in a wide range of funds.

Watch video to find out more: Liquidity Management Portal explainer.

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