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MediaTek recently announced strong interest from IoT device makers for its MT3620 offering, a microcontroller unit (MCU) chip.

NUREMBERG, GERMANY – MediaTek recently announced strong interest from IoT device makers for its MT3620 offering, a microcontroller unit (MCU) chip designed in close cooperation with Microsoft for direct integration of Microsoft Azure Sphere security solution.

The MCU enables manufacturers to develop secure IoT devices connected to Microsoft Azure Cloud services. As the industry’s first MCU with Microsoft Azure Sphere directly integrated into its hardware, the Azure Sphere solution has been successfully adopted by major brands and global companies including Starbucks, Leoni, e.on and Gojo.

The MT3620 is a fully-integrated, high-performance MCU that provides the highest level of security for modern, robust Internet-connected edge devices. Demand for the MT3620 is due to its extensive input/output (I/O) peripheral subsystem that offers device makers flexibility and freedom in device design, so it can be utilized in a wide range of IoT applications including smart home, commercial and industry. The MT3620 is now commercially available in the form of chipsets, modules and development kits.

“MediaTek is encouraged by the adoption of its MT3620 platform, as we pave the way for extended applications of Azure Sphere, MPU-based SoC chipsets and for OEMs to make great technology accessible to everyone, and on their own terms,” said Mohit Bhushan, vice president and general manager of US Business Development, MediaTek. “Security is the single-most pivotal issue facing broad-based adoption of cloud-driven IoT services, particularly for mission-critical industries. We believe Microsoft Azure Sphere is the solution for secure cloud deployments.”

The MT3620 is the only MCU available on the market today that incorporates Azure Sphere’s comprehensive end-to-end security, allowing manufacturers to develop highly secured IoT devices that easily connect to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The secured solution provides device authentication and attestation, supports remote over-the-air software updates to maintain security in the face of evolving attacks, and automates error logging and reporting.

“IoT security starts in the silicon. The MT3620 is the first Azure Sphere certified chip, designed to deliver unparalleled IoT device security that keeps devices secured over time. This chip runs the Azure Sphere operating system and connects to the Azure Sphere Security Service out of the box,” said Anita Rao, principal program lead, Azure Sphere, Microsoft.
“Today, customers across industries are adopting the MT3620 to design and produce everything from consumer appliances to retail and manufacturing equipment—these chips are also being used to power a series of guardian modules to securely connect and protect mission-critical equipment.”

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