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Amigo, the latest on-demand delivery service, responds meaningfully to differing delivery needs.

Source: Amigo

In the new normal, the migration to digital space went from being a luxury to becoming a necessity. No less than The World Bank reported that the adoption of digital technologies such as digital payments and e-commerce has expanded in the Philippines. The mass transition is rightfully being seen as a vital survival mechanism to help Filipinos cope with social distancing measures as well as to ensure business continuity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to the digital journey of the typical consumer, the demand for delivery services skyrocketed. Media intelligence company Isentia observed that consumers have become more demanding and are now seeking meaningful interactions between the customers, partner riders, and partner merchants.

Amigo, the latest on-demand delivery service, responds meaningfully to differing delivery needs. Its delivery platform connects customers to riders of motorcycles, cars, and even bikes through a seamlessly convenient application and fairly-priced service. At the heart of Amigo’s operations is an inclusive and dependable service to help uplift the Filipino family.

Customer convenience is a top priority at Amigo. The booking process takes as few steps as possible, booking times are flexible and there’s an option for both cash and cashless transactions, where customers can choose to pay COD, via credit/debit card, and even through PayMaya account.

Likewise, the security of the package is always top of mind. Amigo tracks its riders in real-time and a security code feature ensures every package arrives at the right location and to the right recipient. Additionally, through the Amigo Chat, customers can have real-time communication with the riders or a customer support agent. They can even send their location or images using the Amigo app.

Ka-Amigo Merchants also share the same services as the customers. Amigo takes it further by providing its partners with special promos and pricing as well as weekly analytics reports. A dedicated account manager caters to their specific needs.

Amigo takes good care of its Ka-Amigo riders. This starts with the Amigo Wallet feature, where partner riders receive their earnings in real-time after every delivery. The integration of PayMaya allows online top-ups and withdrawal of cash easily, straight from the Amigo Wallet. No processing delays in receiving their just compensation!

Riders also have direct access to AmiGoals, which is Amigo’s incentive program and leaderboard to help its partners gain extra earnings, stay competitive, and remain motivated. Similarly, riders have access to Amigo Chat for real-time support without having to leave the app. For Amigo rider applicants, registration, training, and verification are all done online to ensure safety and convenience.

As it foresees on-demand delivery services to grow even more in 2021, Amigo believes the time is right launch its service that Filipino customers and partners can rely on when it comes to their delivery needs. The app will be available for download come the second week of February 2021.

To help start the year right, customers can use the promo code BAGONGAMIGO to get Php50 off their first Amigo booking. This promo is valid until the end of February 2021, and is applicable to deliveries within Metro Manila.

Truly, a business, a rider, and a consumer now has an Amigo to depend on.

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