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Working from home? Equip yourself with the right tools – a stable internet connection and communications devices such as a smartphone and, of course, a computer.

MSI Summit E15. Source: MSI

Work from home. For over a year, this has been the norm for most. People must now face the reality that the “new normal,” which was the buzzword only a year ago, may eventually become the “standard normal,” and working from home, away from the office, could take even longer if not already a permanent thing.

What better way to keep your business running inside the safety of your home is to equip yourself with the right tools – a stable internet connection and communications devices such as a smartphone and, of course, a computer. To keep the economic machinery going in the middle of the continuing community quarantine in many places across the country, those three mentioned are essential tools needed. Yes, we could probably add coffee.

When it comes to digital transformation, The Philippines, despite recognizable flaws, is not tha far behind other countries. The change has already been laid out years before our current predicament making it somewhat easier to adapt rather than figuring only now what to do in a digital-only environment, an unavoidable circumstance brought upon by the pandemic. It’s good to know that the internet is accessible in most parts of the country. Smartphone penetration is an envy for any new smartphone brand entering the local market. Having a personal computer adds so much to personal leisure, creativity, and most important of all, productivity.

Indeed, there are two kinds to choose from for personal computers: a desktop PC and a notebook computer. For the work-from-home office worker, the notebook computer is the obvious choice. Portability and space-saving features are among the main factors. However, some users, particularly business executives, look beyond how light the laptop to carry around and how big it is on the workspace at home. Questions often come up, such as “Ould our office software run on it? our IT department people manage my notebook easily? Does it have the solid performance I need for productivity? Does it have reliable after-sales support? Does it have enterprise-grade security? And probably, would it able to play triple-A games?”

MSI Prestige PS42. Source: MSI

Business notebooks

So, is there a portable business computer to answer all those questions? Yes. And you could find such a computer from MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware and innovative business solutions, with the MSI Summit series of business notebooks. This series provides best-in-class productivity, security, reliability, and style designed for the business professionals in mind.

Packed with features including the latest 11th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor and integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics to deliver performance and lightweight portability, business elites are looking for in a notebook. With the 4-core processor, productivity is definitely enhanced and faster workflow doing on-the-go business and demanding tasks an effortless activity. Built for mobility, the notebook weighs only 1.3kg in its sleek aluminum chassis with incredible thinness of only 15mm so you could work non-stop, on the go, anytime, anywhere. Oh, did we mention that it also has a long-lasting battery and fast-charge technology?

It even has a configurable dedicated GPU courtesy of NVDIA GeForce GTX graphics to accelerate graphical tasks so you could enjoy that extended power and optimal performance each time you use the notebook for your business, leisure and on your extra time, on gaming.

Enterprises with dedicated IT people would quickly approve the MSI Summit’s use. The series does not compromise on security, especially when the notebooks are deployed outside office premises or brought home. Its comprehensive biometric login and identify/encryption secure solutions help prevent easy access to corporate data from hacking or attacking. MSI’s own Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology provides extensive hardware-based, security-related functions where you could store data and passwords by encryption keys for much-needed advanced security. Besides, you could sign in with your face or fingerprint for easy and secure access through Windows Hello, providing a password-free experience on supported web service with the latest FIDO 2 authentication.

Simple security add-ons include dedicated LED light to quickly notify user at a glance if the webcam is ON/OFF and a device lock that centrally manages access to frequently used USB ports and SD card slot for that extra layer to safeguard data already inside your notebook.
As for the Prestige series, MSI brings an even more affordable business notebook with a choice of fashionable colors without compromising features and durability.

The series now packs the latest 11th Gen. Inte Core i7 processor, powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphic card with Max-Q design, blazing-fast PCIe Gen 4 SSD and Thunderbolt 4/USB 4.0, built-in Wi-Fi 6, AI Noise Cancellation, high-speed MicroSD card slot, premium sound quality with hi-resolution audio, ergonomic design that includes a 5-degree elevated keyboard and 180-degree flat design, FIDO 2 password-less authentication, fast-charging with up to 16 hours battery life, and most important of all, military-grade durability.

With these features – portability, performance, security, and durability — the MSI Summit and Prestige series stand out as true business notebook.

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