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The company claims to support the “first and only crowdsourced” cybersecurity testing platform for a community of ethical hackers.

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The Philippine-based provider of community-powered cybersecurity testing platform, Secuna, said it has registered 1,300 IT experts and ethical hackers on its platform, dubbed as the “largest established community” of its kind to resolve cyber attacks in the government.

The company said it is encouraging the national government to use its platform “for free.” Secuna deploys a business model for the national government similar to “Hack the Pentagon” and “Hack the Air Force” cybersecurity programs in the USA. Under the program, cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers can help identify and resolve data breach issues in a government agency’s IT infrastructure.

The company claims to support the “first and only crowdsourced” cybersecurity testing platform for a community of ethical hackers.

Secuna, founded in 2017, aims to leverage the collective talent of the group in order to test systems against vulnerabilities and secure digital assets of companies, organizations, and the government, said Secuna CEO and co-founder AJ Dumanhug.

“We at Secuna are honored to announce that we are able to nurture and vet for a community of trusted ethical hackers,” said Dumanhug.

“As we reach the 1,300 registration mark for ethical hackers in the community, we will continue to uphold our commitment of helping startups, SMEs, and the government by connecting them to highly skilled cybersecurity professionals to simulate cyber attacks and find the security flaws of IT systems,” said Dumanhug.

The company offers managed services such as comprehensive ISO-compliant vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and bug bounty program to identify, test, and resolve potential entry points of attacks into IT systems.

The bug bounty program awarded $22,245 to teams for finding and sending valid bug reports in 2021.

Secuna and its community of experts have resolved 1,037 cybersecurity vulnerabilities and bugs for clients such as remote access to servers, token generation from a process issue, and account takeover of super admin users.

Corporate clients of Secuna include Dashlabs, QuadX, UBx, Kumu, Paymongo, and Palawan Express.


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