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VIENNA, AUSTRIA —  Noctua’s new flagship next-generation 120x25mm A-series fans, the NF-A12x25 is now available. It comes with the complementary NA-SFMA1 adaptors that allows it to be used on 140mm based watercoolers.

The new NF-A12x25 is the first fan made of Noctua’s novel Sterrox® LCP material. Integrating the company’s latest innovations in aerodynamic engineering, it achieves an unprecedented level of quiet cooling performance.


The NF-A12x25 becomes the new flagship model in the 120mm range. It is Noctua’s most advanced fan today which took more than 4.5 years in development. Their goal in developing this was to surpass the performance of their renowned NF-F12 and NF-S12A by having a completely different approach in design by using a tip clearance of only 0.5mm which posed various difficulties in manufacturing.

On the other hand, the classic NF-P12 will be reissued in the streamlined, more affordable redux line.

The award-winning NF-F12 and NF-S12A are specialised solutions that are either optimised for maximum static pressure or maximum airflow, the new NF-A12x25 follows the approach of Noctua’s A-series in being a true all-rounder that yields superb results in all types of usage: whether it’s in low-impedance, airflow-oriented applications such as case cooling, or high-impedance, pressure-demanding scenarios such as on heatsinks and watercooling radiators.

The NF-A12x25 not only outperforms the renowned NF-F12 on 120mm based watercooling radiators, but combined with the new, optional NA-SFMA1 adaptor frames, it also offers better efficiency than many 140mm fans on 140mm based systems.

One of the cornerstones of the NF-A12x25’s next-generation performance is its record tight tip clearance (distance between the blade tips and the inside of the frame) of only 0.5mm. This highly ambitious design helps the NF-A12x25 to work more efficiently against back pressure, such as on heatsinks or radiators, by reducing leak flows through the gap between impeller and frame. Manufacturing a fan with such a small tip clearance is extremely delicate and was only made possible by Noctua’s new Sterrox® liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) material, which features extreme tensile strength, an exceptionally low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent dimensional stability.

“We have never put so much research and effort into a single fan so far, both on the level of fine-tuning the aerodynamic construction and on the level of materials and manufacturing,” says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO): “Many challenges had to be overcome, but now we’re proud with the end result and confident that the NF-A12x25 will become a new benchmark for premium-quality quiet 120mm fans.”

The NF-A12x25 will be available in different variations:

  • PWM version which is a 4-pin fan designed for automatic speed control
  • FLX version, a 3-pin with Low-Noise Adaptors for three different speed settings
  •  ULN (Ultra-Low-Noise) version, a near-silent 3-pin fan
NF-P12 Redux

As the NF-A12x25 becomes the new flagship model in Noctua’s 120mm range, the classic NF-P12 moves to the streamlined, more affordable redux line. It will henceforth be available in 1700 and 1300rpm 4-pin PWM versions as well as 1300 and 900rpm 3-pin versions.

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