BUSINESS TECH | Seven Bank adopts Hitachi-Omron terminal solutions

Introducing and commencing the operation of systems quickly utilizing a next-generation packaged system.


Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Corp. recently announced that Pito AxM Platform, Inc., a Philippine-based subsidiary of Seven Bank, Ltd., has chosen Hitachi-Omron TS’s cash recycling ATMs and the managed service for its operation and management systems of ATMs in 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines. The service began in February 2021.

“It is a great honor for us that Seven Bank has chosen our system for the establishment of an ATM network in the Philippines,” said Tetsuya Yagi, the representative director and president of Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions. “Given the country’s recent rapid economic growth, we see the Philippines as a promising market.”

The Hitachi-Omron TS utilized its next-generation packaged system that it promotes as one group to successfully deliver systems in a short period of time. This project introduces cash recycling ATMs for the first time in earnest in the Philippines, enhancing convenience for the users of financial services at 7-Eleven stores in the country. With its economy growing rapidly in recent years, the number of financial transactions in the Philippines has been increasing significantly. However, as there are relatively few bank branches, using the banks’ services has been difficult. In addition, cash dispensers (CD) were used primarily, and few ATMs that permitted people to deposit funds were available, forcing most people to visit the tellers at bank branches to deposit funds or remit money.

Seven Bank continued its preparations for the operation of ATMs and the construction of related systems at 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines after establishing its local subsidiary PAPI in 2019. It chose Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions for the Seven Bank and PAPI projects because the company is able to provide packaged software that makes short-term system development possible and it is a vendor that is able to provide a managed service operating and managing an entire process including system development, sales and maintenance in the Philippines domestically. This is in addition to Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions’ large share of the cash recycling ATM market and its numerous accomplishments in the area of managed services in Asia, including ASEAN countries.

The ATM transaction switching system and network monitoring system based on the packaged products provided by Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions Ltd.,2 a Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions group company, were chosen for the operations of the ATMs used in 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines. Megalink Inc.,3 a Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions subsidiary, provides a call center system and a system managed service. In addition, the Company is undertaking the installation of ATMs and the provision of maintenance services jointly with One Point Contact Inc., a local business partner. Going forward, Hitachi-Omron TS will continue to support the enhancement of the system and the ATMs’ features, with an eye toward the expansion of ATM services facilitated by Seven Bank in the Philippines.

In this project, efforts will be made to gradually install ATMs in 2,960 7-Eleven stores (as of September 30, 2020) in the Philippines, starting with stores in the Metro Manila area. This marks the beginning of the large-scale installation of cash recycling ATMs introduced in earnest for the first time in the Philippines.

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions will leverage its advanced services to comprehensively support Seven Bank’s ATM operation business (the installation, operation and maintenance of ATM) and contribute to the expansion of PAPI’s projects. As a vendor of payment solutions, Hitachi-Omron TS will also seek to provide safe and secure solutions and services to many countries around the world, including ASEAN countries.

“We are hoping to increase the convenience provided to end users through the promotion of cash recycling ATM-based services in this new market together with Seven Bank. In doing so, we will seek to solve cash operation issues in the financial and logistics industries by providing solutions that improve efficiency and enhance the systems,” Yagi said.

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